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Best Cannabis Influencer: MsCannabee @prettylilcannabee

Best Cannabis IG Page: The Green Solution @my.greensolution

Best Vape Cart: NectarBee

Best Celebrity Weed Brand: Belushis Farm

Best Dispensary Bargains: Sunlit Flower

Best Dispensary Cultivation: The Green Solution

Best Dispensary for a Stoner: The Green Solution

Best Dispensary for a Tourist: The Green Solution

Best Dispensary for Classic Strains: The Green Solution

Best Dispensary for Customer Service: The Green Solution

Best Dispensary Mural: The Green Solution Montview X Pat Milbery

Best Edibles Company: NectarBee

Best New Dispensary; The Green Solution – Longmont

Best Seed Company: The Green Solution

Best Selection at a Dispensary: The Green Solution

Best Wholesale Cultivation: NectarBee

Toast Slices: Premium Pre-Rolls for Any Taste

TGS and Toast Premium Products are teaming up to bring you Slices: high-quality and high-value pre-rolls, priced right and up to Toast and TGS award-winning quality standards. All pre-rolls are made using Toasts signature process for the most discreet and pure experience.

Toast Original Slices feature 2:1 CBD to THC blend, available in multi-packs of 2, 5, or 10.

Toast Classic Slices are strain-specific and available in .5-gram and 1-gram options.

Belushis Farm Blues Brothers® Pre-Rolls

TGS has partnered with legendary performer Jim Belushi and his Oregon-based cannabis company, Belushis Farm, to debut The Blues Brothers® Pre-Rolls in Colorado. Its premium cannabis on a mission...well, you know the rest.

Be sure to call your favorite TGS location to check availability.

TGS Pre-Rolls: New Additions

The Green Solution presents all-new pre-rolls featuring hemp wrapping, premium flower, and value-packed weight increments. Experience one today!

Flower Hemp-Wrapped Blunt

Image of a TGS Flower Hemp Wrapped Blunt

This TGS Hemp-Wrapped Blunt contains high-quality cannabis wrapped in a natural, dried hemp-leaf blunt wrapper. Its the classic blunt style you know and love in a perfectly portioned package. Available in .95 or 2 gram options.

Hash-Infused Pre-Roll

Image of a TGS Hash Infused Pre-Roll

This 1.2-gram pre-roll cone is an upgrade to our Regular Cone, featuring a bonus hash infusion for that extra kick. Available in strain-specific options.

Hash-Infused Blunt

Image of a TGS Hash Infused Blunt

This 1.2g blunt is the newest cannabis trinity we know youll fall in love with. Hemp, Hash, and High-quality Flower combine to create this divine, natural-inspired blunt.

Caviar Cone

Image of a NectarBee Caviar Cone

The Caviar Cone (1g total) consists of premium TGS flower soaked in Hash Oil and coated in Natural Trichomes for an impressively potent pre-roll that takes you and your friends higher.