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Tree Perc

One of the most recognized and popular percolators around is the Tree Perc. That’s why Grav Labs knew they had to create a Tree Stax. This interchangeable perc features eight arms with two vertical slits on each arm. With a design like this you get maximum diffusion with minimal drag. Since every Stax piece comes apart you can clean every inch with ease. We recommend using Grav joint clips when attaching any Stax pieces together.

Product Details:

  • Height: 6-1/2''
  • 45 x 5mm Borosilicate Glass Tubing
  • Attaches to any Stax Mouthpiece, Perc or Base

About the Manufacturer: We are excited to announce that we now carry Grav Labs high quality scientific glassware! Grav Labs was founded in 2004 in Austin, TX, where they still remain today. Grav Labs is a grassroots company that offers stylish, functional and affordable borosilicate glass pipes and accessories. With the glass industry constantly evolving day by day it’s a challenge to stay a step ahead. Grav Labs embraces these changes and continues to adapt by creating new, innovative technology. Regardless of how much growth this company experiences they still remain dedicated to their core values. Their continued success has allowed Grav to create an impressive product line that offers efficient scientific glassware. They have started to branch out and create collaboration pieces with several big name artists. Durable, high quality American-made glass that perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.