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Pure Live Batter

It's no secret - if you want to make the best quality concentrates, you have to start with the best materials. Knowing this is why our team of expert extraction artists make every batch of NectarBee concentrates with the best TGS strains. The process we use to create our Live Batter is very similar to the one we use to create our award-winning Wax. Additional steps in the process are performed to increase terpene preservation. We use a "Fresh Frozen" method to create our Live Batter, which simply means the plant material remains cryogenically frozen throughout the entire extraction process. The result of the process is a concentrate with unmatched smell and taste. In order to fully appreciate the flavor profile of our Live Batter we recommend this product is dabbed on a titanium or quartz nail. If you are interested in a "Live" concentrate that can be smoked on top of a bowl or placed in a joint, check out the selection of Live Sift at your local TGS.