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Summer Buzz

Colorado‘s Favorites, all in one place: new brand additions are happening all season long.Colorado‘s Favorites, all in one place: new brand additions are happening all season long.

New Products Are Launching All Season Long

This fall, TGS is bringing the fire. We‘re committed to bringing you all of Colorado‘s favorites as your one-stop-shop for the best of cannabis in the Centennial State. The season with the most colors is also the season with the most brands for The Green Solution.

scrolling marquee of brand logos from TGS‘s additions

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*NEW* Featured Incoming Products

product photo of Wyld Brand Elderberry Flavored Gummies

WYLD Elderberry Gummies

product photo of willie‘s reserve carts

Willie‘s Reserve Cartridges

product photo of new cheeba chews lemon meringue and trifecta flavors

New Cheeba Chews Lemon Meringue and Caramel Trifecta Flavors

product photo of the pantry keto bites

The Pantry Keto Bites

product photo of wana fast asleep gummmies

Wana Dream Berry Fast Asleep Gummies

product photo of highonlove topicals

High on Love Massage Oil

product photo of mayflower farms flower

Mayflower Farms 3.5g Pre-Packaged Flower (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)

product photo of evolab cartridge

Evolab Cartridges

product photo of wana fast acting strawberry gummies

Wana Fast-Acting Strawberry Gummies

Check out the entire list below!

banner image featuring wyld and cheeba chews products

Premium Brands and Products Coming to TGS

  • NFuzed Fast-Acting Sativa Gummies – 100mg
  • NFuzed Fast-Acting Sleep Gummies – 100mg
  • NectarBee Bananas Foster Fast-Acting Caramels – 100mg
  • High on Love Sensual Message Oil
  • Jane West Pre-Packs
  • LucidMood Disposable Cartridges
  • Binske Pre-Rolls
  • Binske Disposable Vaporizers
  • Binske Live Resin
  • Stratos Slow Burn Pre-Rolls
  • Spherex Core Pax Pods
  • Clear Creek Duo Pod Cartridges
  • Keef Life 100mg Beverage
  • Keef Mocktail 100mg Beverage
  • Keef Cola 10mg Beverage
  • Keef Root Beer 10mg Beverage
  • Keef Cola 100mg Beverage – Medical Only @ TGS Fort Collins
  • Canyon Cultivation SuckIts 200mg – Medical Only @ TGS Fort Collins
  • Canyon Cultivation SuckIts 1000mg – Medical Only @ TGS Fort Collins
  • Canyon Cultivation LickIts 50mg – Medical Only @ TGS Fort Collins
  • Willie‘s 1000mg Cartridge – Medical Only @ TGS Fort Collins
  • Happy Chews Bites
  • Indie 1.9g Pre-Rolls 2-pack
  • Mayflower Farms High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract Live Sauce & THC Distillate 500mg cartridges (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)
  • Mayflower Farms High-Potency Activated THCa Syringe (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)
  • TGS Shorties 10-Packs and Singles
  • Wana Quick Pina Colada (I), Peach Bellini (S), Limoncello (H), 1:1 Strawberry Margarita
  • Chaos Crispies Peanut Butter Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, Red Velvet Cake
  • Famous Buds – Zeus 3.5g Packaged Flower (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)
  • Famous Buds – Goliath 2.5g Pre-Roll (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)
  • Sinsere (Love‘s Oven) Caramel Bites
  • Receptra Naturals – Rest 30-Count HEMP Gel Caps
  • Receptra Naturals – Relax 15-Count HEMP Gel Caps

banner featuring olio and sandland sleep products